Litigation Consulting

AEA Group assists attorneys and general counsel through all stages of litigation, from early case assessment and discovery to settlement services and expert testimony at trial. We utilize forensic accounting and financial investigation techniques to provide financial and economic analysis, damage calculations, industry research, expert reports, rebuttal of opposing expert reports and trial preparation and testimony.

We have experience in many types of disputes including accounting issues, antitrust, bankruptcy, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, business interruption, construction disputes, conversion or theft of funds, destruction of business, intellectual property, post-acquisition issues, securities and white collar crime.

Discovery Assistance – AEA Group can often provide a great deal of assistance during the early stages of a dispute by offering input in the drafting of interrogatories, document requests and deposition questions. For example, because of our knowledge of the types of business and accounting records typically maintained, we can provide significant assistance in preparing written requests for financial information as well as evaluating the adequacy of documents supplied.

Technological Capability – In addition to our business and financial expertise, we bring a considerable amount of technological capability which is often invaluable in a litigation setting. Once electronic information is produced, our staff of seasoned business, accounting, finance and technology professionals can mobilize quickly to classify, analyze and understand the data and why it is important.

Damage Calculations – As financial experts, we examine the causes of financial losses and quantify damages based on the facts of the case.

Valuations – Valuation principles are often utilized to quantify damages in litigation and bankruptcy proceedings. AEA provides valuations related to shareholder disputes, post-merger and acquisition disputes, intellectual property disputes, and other contractual disputes.

Expert Witness Services – As financial and technology professionals, we are uniquely qualified to provide expert witness services in legal disputes. The professionals of AEA Group provide written reports containing their opinions and the results of their analysis, deposition testimony, and trial testimony to clearly communicate complex economic concepts to the intended audience.