• Serving as President of a Chicago-based consulting firm that catered to the insurance industry, with offices in Birmingham, Kansas City and Louisville.
  • Serving as internal facilitator for thirty-nine states’ Departments of Insurance investigations of the financial and operational practices of a property and casualty reinsurance company over a seven year period.


  • Providing analysis and expert testimony in connection with SEC market failures and audit failures of insurance companies, forced-placed insurance, auto and home insurance, credit-life insurance, supplemental health insurance, all types of variable premium life insurance, sales practice litigation, and class actions, involving credit-life, forced-placed and supplemental health insurance.
  • Evaluating the financial impact of a rogue insurance agent regarding the sale of life insurance annuity products.


  • Valuing health insurance claims in a variety of matters for both health insurance companies and healthcare providers.
  • Valuing the policyholder benefits associated with a variety of life, health, disability and other insurance policies in connection with a variety of consumer disputes and class actions.
  • Evaluating reasonable and customary charges related to the reimbursement by two major supplemental Medicare insurance providers.
  • Analyzing claims disputes between third party administrators and providers.
  • Providing expert testimony evaluating damages related to copyright infringement for software used to generate life insurance illustrations.
  • Investigating allegations of insurance fraud involving organized crime.

Property and Casualty

  • Investigating allegations of misconduct by the senior management of a publicly traded property and casualty reinsurer.
  • Performing due diligence and valuation services for an international bank seeking to acquire a property and casualty insurance company owned by Berkshire Hathaway.
  • Performing claims audits for all varieties of property and casualty insurance claims.
  • Providing audit services for property and casualty insurance companies.
  • Performing due diligence of property and casualty insurance companies.
  • Providing consulting services concerning the quality of a property and casualty insurance company’s auditor’s work.
  • Preparing business interruption claims for insurers and insureds in connection with property and casualty losses.
  • Testifying on behalf of a major reinsurance company in a post- acquisition dispute arising from the purchase of malpractice insurance lines of business.
  • Calculating, and ultimately providing expert testimony in connection with, business interruption and extra-expense claims, including that of a large municipality that incurred losses as a result of Hurricane Katrina, involving bond issuances and repayments, governmental realignment and significant demographic shifts.
  • Valuing cost claims for a variety of matters, e.g. legal costs.
  • Analyzed the financial impact related to the business interruption of a major discount retailer caused by Hurricane Hugo.
  • Providing expert testimony regarding business interruption damages alleged by one of the world’s largest chemical processors.
  • Provided testimony regarding the destruction of a rental car insurance claim processing business.


  • Investigating allegations of misconduct in connection with certain professional malpractice reinsurance treaties of a publicly traded reinsurer.
  • Providing expert testimony in the arbitration of a reinsurance dispute involving multiple reinsurance treaties and claims valuation of a property and casualty insurer.
  • Determined damages for misappropriation of trade secrets by a major reinsurer.


  • Analyzing the course of dealings between the board of directors, management, agents and customers related to fidelity, performance and payment bonds.
  • Providing expert testimony regarding the assessment of asurety’s underwriting process and documentation in light of claims against a subcontractor, his surety and its agents by a government contractor.


  • Investigating allegations of post-acquisition agency fraud concerning the transfer of policies to related parties.
  • Providing expert testimony in relation to agency disputes, including fraudulent non-renewal and performing valuation services for an insurance company disputing the transfer of an insurance agency’s interest in workers compensation policies.
  • Testified as to the damages claimed by a group of insurance agencies related to the discontinuation of health products by a major insurer.