AEA Group, LLC Welcomes Jay Herndon as a Consultant

Birmingham, AL – Dr. Herndon is a Consultant at AEA Group where his work has focused on expert assistance with economic and statistical analyses. Dr. Herndon obtained his M.A. and Ph.D. in Economics where he focused on applied econometrics and made extensive use of large data sets. His research on consumer prices was recently published in the Southern Economic Journal. He also taught undergraduate-level economics at the University of Alabama and Samford University.  Dr. Herndon is experienced in handling big data analytics projects related to class action billing disputes as well as class action purchase price and payments disputes.

Prior to graduate school, Dr. Herndon worked as an operations and logistics manager for Beacon Building Products (NASDAQ: BECN). He also served in the United States Marine Corps, spending a year embedded with the Iraqi Army as a logistics advisor. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from Vanderbilt University, magna cum laude.