Intellectual Property

AEA Group’s IP practice brings an expertise that combines analytical rigor with industry knowledge to intellectual property issues involving litigation, valuation and transactions.

Intellectual Property Litigation

Whether patents, trademarks, trade names, trade dress, trade secrets, copyrights or other types of intellectual property, we have vast experience in assessing the economic impact of infringement, misappropriation and breach of agreements related to these important assets.

We have worked for both plaintiffs and defendants and testified before judges and juries on issues involving:

  • Reasonable royalty
  • Lost profits
  • Price erosion
  • Unjust enrichment/disgorgement
  • Diminution or destruction of value

Intellectual Property Valuation & Transactions

Valuation principles are often utilized to quantify damages in litigation and bankruptcy proceedings.
Outside of these arenas, we assist clients in assessing the value of intellectual property assets for licensing and other types of transactions.

We conduct royalty audits and provide economic advice in pre-litigation/dispute resolution strategy.